Industrial Automation Jobs are for both Men and Women

Manufacturing careers for men and women

Industrial automation jobs (and, in fact, all skilled trades jobs) are great career choices for women and men alike because they are quite abundant and they pay better than other more traditional career choices. So why don’t women consider these careers? We don’t know either! Read on to learn more about what kinds of opportunities are open to women and men in industrial and manufacturing automation at Innovative Automation.

What is Industrial Automation? 

Industrial (or manufacturing) automation is the use of control systems (such as robots) for operating machinery and factory processes, that would otherwise require human intervention. This is especially useful for dangerous jobs or jobs that require exposure to hazards or hazardous materials. There are a huge number of opportunities for people in this growing field, and these jobs are highly-specialized and offer many benefits to those choosing a career path.

Why Don’t Women Go Into Skilled Trades Careers?

A common misconception is that skilled trades jobs aren’t appealing for women because they are dirty, dangerous or require physical strength that women don’t possess. This simply isn’t true. Today jobs in industrial automation are often performed in high-tech facilities that are safe, clean, and collaborative.

Another potential reason is that thanks to the media, women can’t envision themselves in non-traditional roles. They just don’t see it around them. This is why women typically follow established career paths such as nursing and office administrative and managerial positions. 

Thanks to a skilled labour shortage in Canada, the Canadian Government is taking steps to nurture interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and to incentivize women to venture into skilled trades such as industrial automation. There are also programs that offer financial assistance to women entering the trades.

We’re seeing evidence that this is changing the way women look at their careers, but we still have a long way to go.

Skilled Trades and Automation Careers Can Close the Wage Gap

According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Canada is ranked 7th highest out of 29 developed nations for wage gap disparity and this should be concerning to all Canadians. However, encouraging women and girls to pursue higher-paying careers in STEM can counteract this. 

In fact, it’s projected that STEM fields will grow by 13% across the board through 2022 and that STEM occupations have a median salary of $72,443 which is far greater than the average woman’s salary, at $49,721
Jobs in Industrial Automation

There are many great opportunities to work in automation, helping to create the processes that create many automotive, medical and consumer goods products. Here are just a few common jobs in automation that are well-suited for both women and men.

  • Mechanical technicians, technologists, millwrights, machinists and tool and die makers
  • Electrical technicians, technologists, engineers, designers, plc programmers, computer programmers

Top Reasons for Women to Work in Industrial Automation at Innovative Automation

  • Innovation: Advancements in the field have increased distribution, and skills upgrades will fuel future innovation.
  • Higher Salaries: Stats Can reports STEM jobs are higher on average.
  • Job Flexibility & Benefits: Companies looking to hire are offering better incentives to workers.
  • Lower the Wage Gap: Women in STEM fields can earn an above-average income.
  • Safe and Clean Work Facilities: Working in technology fields means you are often working with state-of-the-art equipment in bright and modern facilities.

Career Opportunities for Women at Innovative Automation

Innovative Automation can offer an excellent opportunity to trained and skilled women who have an interest in automation technology. Our company has been named Globe and Mail’s Employee Recommended Workplace 4 years in a row. At Innovative Automation, company culture is everything. Through various programs, we foster friendships, career growth, personal development, health and wellness. 

Innovative Automation has a brand new facility located in Barrie, Ontario, which is conveniently situated between the large urban centres of the Golden Horseshoe (1 hr from Toronto) and the natural beauty of cottage country. Here, families can enjoy a quieter pace but still have the advantage of a diverse, engaged community with plenty of activities for all.

Innovative Automation’s dedicated human resources team works tirelessly to ensure equal opportunities for everyone in an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive. 

Find out more information on careers at Innovative Automation.

Find out more information on pursuing a career in industrial automation.

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