Innovative Automation History

Innovative Automation History


Innovative Automation is founded by Stephen Loftus, Jim Carnegie and Paul Tyndall. Currently, Stephen sits as CEO, with Michael Lalonde as President.


The R&D team at Innovative Automation develops RoboTape, a turn-key comprehensive system for feeding and installing adhesive-backed foams, felts and attachment tapes. Since then, RoboTape has branched off into its own business unit, now located in the Newmarket location.


Innovative Automation acquires MecSmart and its subsidiary MSI Pulp Moulding. MecSmart specializes in technology-based automation systems and products for industrial sectors. This expansion enabled the relocation of the RoboTape division and expanded the range of projects we’re able to take on.

Looking Ahead

With our strong leadership and highly skilled team, we have steadily grown to become a pioneer in automation technology for manufacturing on a global scale. Our two locations enable us to provide assembly automation, robotics, testing automation and more, with much of our business coming from pleased existing clients.

Throughout the automation industry, we have long been known for our cutting-edge designs and culture of innovation. Our customers know us to be a medium sized, high horsepower company that can be counted on for their most difficult manufacturing challenges. We’re proud to focus on broadening the skills of our internal team and providing opportunities to advance career growth.

The future is bright, and through investments in our team and a focus on providing exceptional customer satisfaction, our growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.